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Wednesday, 19 November 2008




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POOLE, England, November 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Parents stuck for ideas on what to buy their sons this Christmas will have all their problems solved by THE WAVE, the combination snow, surf and skate board that will keep them away from the TV all day.

Easy to Master streetshop.jpg

THE WAVE is responsible for the birth of a unique new sport, Streetsurfing, which combines the natural fluidity of surfing with the smooth manoeuvrability of snowboarding and skating into one new action board sport. Easy to ride both down and uphill, THE WAVE is perfect for the driveway, the park and the pavement. Progress is also quick and kids will progress to grin-splitting tricks before the end of Boxing Day.

A natural feeder into snowboarding and surfing

This present is perfect for kids who have an interest in snowboarding or surfing as it forces the body to use all the same balance and movement mechanisms and is a great dry-land preparatory toy. Its uses are so well recognised that it is currently used by the British Surf Team and the Olympic Junior snowboarding coach as a training aid.

An active Christmas Day

To ensure a Christmas Day spent away from the computer or TV, visit http://www.streetsurfing.co.uk for more information. The boards start at GBP79.99 for young riders (aged up to 7) and GBP89.99 for anyone over the age of 8 (there is no upper age limit).



Editors Note:

In support of the government's objective to keep children interested in sport, Streetsurfing is now being taught in PE lessons in some schools across the country. So far almost 50,000 British children have been taught how to Streetsurf. 

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