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Thursday, 05 March 2009




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FST HANDWEAR is proud to present the first range of streetwear gloves ever. This is a real revolution in terms of design ! It's completely new and associated to the cap's, sneaker's and board sport culture.

We’re not merely a new brand in the street culture, but a company that imagines products as a personal signature

We are based in France-Grenoble (historical European capital of glove's manufacturers). Our trendy gloves are made of technical raw shoot_pinky_p.jpg materials as COOLMAX. 

Regarding heat, FST HANDWEAR gloves are as warm as wool knitted gloves, but much more convenient for urban life and style (thin enough to play I-Pod or give a phone call...FST HANDWEAR Gloves take no space in your pocket...). 

You can also use them as under-gloves 'cause they are really thin and definitly trendy!

FST HANDWEAR have launched thier line for Autumn/Winter 2008-09 which consists a collection of 10 models, based on a very strong graphic and design story.

FST HANDWEAR are also  setting collaboration with artist's crew for temporary exposition based on custom gloves.
For our first commercial year, 55 shops in France (we are proud to be at Citadium in Paris) and one in Switzerland (Doodah in Geneva) decided to sell our products (which is a very good result for a brand new company).

Next winter, our range will increase in order to offer 26 models mixing technical fibers, natural fibers as bamboo and of course sick designs!

FST HANDWEAR are on the look out for retailers in the UK to stock & sell their gloves, if your interested, you can reach them at their website : http://www.fsthandwear.com

Check out the  08/09 collection:

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