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Monday, 15 June 2009




Hear this article
Apple already has a device for athletes in the form of its iPod Nike Plus, it allows runners/joggers to keep track of their distance travelled, speeds etc on their iPOds. Alledegly it is now examining the ability to support skiers & snowboarders.

www.smartcompany.com.au reports that a Tech site Apple Insider has found a patent filing showing possible development of a device which could be used to track a skier's speed and air time. Saying the device could also work for snowboarders, with an image of a snowboard part of the detailed patent.

The article continues saying:-

The device would carry a micro processing unit and would use sensors to calculate time spent in the air, along with time spent skiing and snowboarding altogether.

While Apple has not confirmed that any such support is in development, it has a history of filing patents quite a long time before releasing a commercial product from that patent.

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