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Monday, 14 September 2009




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A snowboarder had his snowboard confiscated at Remarkables skifield after being found fraudulently using a season pass issued to another person.

Remarkables ski area manager Ross Lawrence said the man, who was visiting Queenstown for the season, claimed he had bought the pass from its original owner a month earlier.

However, the season passes were non-transferable. The man was fined $150 and also ordered to pay for a day-lift pass. His snowboard was taken as security until the amount was paid.

The alternative was referring it to police for criminal prosecution. Mr Lawrence said some skifield visitors were also caught trying to "doctor" the dates on day passes.

Other season-pass holders were pretending to forget their pass, getting issued with a day pass for $10 but passing it on to their friends to use.

Coronet Peak ski area manager Hamish McCrostie said people who used fraudulent lift passes were referred straight to police.

"We are checking tickets all the time and we have had a number of people this season who we had to prosecute."

Season-pass holders who left town often sold the pass on, but buyers needed to be aware they would be caught, he said.

"They are non-transferable and with a photograph so it's usually quite obvious. You will be caught," he said.

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