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Tuesday, 16 November 2010




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It is commonly believed that becoming a French ski instructor is a near impossible task for mere-mortal non-French nationals. For one thing, the language barrier can be an issue. But the main problem is that navigating the French qualification system is incredibly difficult. Its structure is very different to others around the world, with a heavy focus on performance and high-level technique.

Aware of these problems, NONSTOP Ski have launched a new ski instructor course designed to help non-native skiers break into the French market. In doing so, it is the first British company to offer such a scheme. This 18-week intensive training course that will prepare you for the first two training stages in the French system: the  “Test Technique” and “Preformation”.

Most of the coaching on the course is focused around developing all-terrain techniques, On and Off-piste technical training and Slalom race techniques at the world famous resort of Serre Chevalier. All of these skills are assessed in the first stages of the French system. The hope, though not a guarantee, is that by the end of the course, participants will be qualified as an instructor trainee. This permits the learner work at a ski school for two years, whilst continuing on the road to becoming a fully qualified French instructor. 

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